Villager Spotlight: Spring 2017

Every quarter, staff members at High Point Village select two villagers, one Villager from the Reach High program and one Villager that participates in Afternoon Enrichment Classes. These Villagers demonstrate a kind heart, leadership skills, and live out the mission of High Point Village in everything they do! We have many outstanding Villagers making this selection truly difficult. Eric and Natalie were our selected Villagers this quarter, we are very grateful to have them as a part of our High Point family!



Eric Lowe

Eric is a true joy to have in the classroom. He always is sure to actively participate and contribute no matter what his class is doing that day. Whether he is cooking up something delicious in the kitchen or cheering on his friends in Sports Class, Eric has a smile on his face! He loves coming to High Point to see all of his friends! Every time he walks into a classroom, everyone lights up and exclaims “Eric!” He always goes out of his way to ask how everyone is doing and give them a hug or a high-five!

In his free time, Eric loves going to his job at his church and spending time with friends! When asked what his favorite thing to do at High Point Village, he enthusiastically replies, “Dancing!” Every High Point event, you are sure to find Eric dancing up a storm and making everyone smile. We are very lucky to have Eric with us and could not picture High Point Village without him!

“What is High Point without the sweet smile of Eric Lowe? When he walks into the doors on Monday afternoons, everything gets brighter. Eric has the ability to make everyone in the room happy. His quiet spirit radiates joy and contentment. Eric has proven himself to be a “Chef Extraordinaire” in Mrs. Becky’s cooking class, as well as a “Handbell Enthusiast” in the HP handbell choir. No matter what is going on in my life, I can always expect a hug from Eric to make my day,” says Anna Debinski.


Natalie Upp

You will never catch Natalie Upp without a smile on her face or a fun new dance move to show you. She attends Reach High daily where she loves going to fitness and art class! In art, she loves doing canvas paintings and knitting projects for her friends and family! Natalie has a true passion for making other people smile; you will often find her making cards for volunteers, staff, and friends!

Natalie also attends Afternoon Enrichment Classes throughout the week. She is always very enthusiastic and loves to contribute new ideas. She loves going to all the fun events that happen here at High Point. She was especially fond of the Halloween party and our Christmas Pajama Party! We are so fortunate to see her smiling face daily and experience her giving heart.

“Natalie Upp is one of a kind. She is fearless, kind, outgoing, hilarious, joyful, and so full of life. Whether she is cheering for the High Point Heatwaves during a Special Olympics tournament or for a friend who got the correct answer in Money Management class, Natalie is an encourager through and through. I have seen such incredible growth in Natalie the past few years. Her relationships with her friends, family, teachers, and with the Lord are so important to her. I love getting to spend my days laughing with Natalie,” says Reach High Coordinator Jaimie Havens