Thank you Trinity Christian

Students from Trinity Christian High School and Junior High School participate in Missions week, they can choose to travel around the world to serve, but they can also choose to stay in the country. Ten students chose to stay in Lubbock, Texas for their week of service and we had the pleasure of playing host to Trinity students for the second year in a row.

These students created unique friendships with our Villagers by helping when needed, participating in get-to-know-you games, and by being present and active. They helped make wire crosses, went on a scavenger hunt and took a field trip to our Villagers favorite spot! We cannot thank these students enough for the time they took out of their lives for our Villagers.

Thank you Trinity Christian for teaching your students to love others selflessly, to serve others before serving yourself, and to be the hands and feet of God’s mission. Thank you for giving up your students for a week so that they could come to know High Point Village. Your students showcased characters of grace, kindness, and patience; please come back anytime.

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