Reach High

reach high

Our main goal with this program is to help participants reach their fullest potential and work toward independence. We do this in several ways. First, we have pre-vocational lessons where participants learn anything from getting a job to handling a mean coworker or boring task. We also have Life Skills that include lessons on money and budgeting, reading recipes, navigating our community, and much more. Social Skills are also important for the future success of our participants. We always look for op- portunities to enhance our social skills. I am always amazed by how quickly our participants learn to solve problems and advocate for themselves. I am confident that our participants have so much to offer our communities and am continually blessed by them. Reach High also includes art lessons and fitness.

Our days fly by with both learning and laughter. The participants in Reach High have such a variety of skills, and it is a pleasure to help refine those skills as well as teach new skills. One of my favorite things is that I’m not always the one doing the teaching. I strongly believe if you teach something you will learn it better, and I try to apply this strategy daily. The participants have responded by facing the challenge head on. It has been such an uplifting experience to stand aside and watch the compas- sion and concern that our participants have for one another. I know that this ability to see a need and meet it will take them far in life, both socially and vocationally. For more information on our Reach High Program, call the office at 806-698-0015.