Reach High Program

Reach High is an adult enrichment program designed for individuals with special needs. The goal of the program is for participants to reach their full potential through vocational, educational, social, spiritual, and motivational activities. Participants will become more independent while engaging in creative activities that will benefit their daily living skills. Reach High partners with local businesses in order to teach and practice job skills necessary for the work place.

Hours: Monday-Thursday, 8:30am-4:15pm


  • Fitness & Recreation
    • Yoga, sports, aerobics, dance, bowling
  •  Art
    • Painting, mosaics, ceramics, crafts, photography
  • Music
    • Handbells, choir, rhythm practice
  • Daily Living Skills
    • Cooking, nutrition, money management, reading, social skills
  • Relationship building, peer interactions, problem solving, hygiene


• Be 18 years of age

• Have a documented developmental disability/ or intellectual disability

• Independent in activities of daily living and/or in need of minimal verbal prompting

• Be ambulatory and able to care for his/her basic needs

• Be able to follow verbal directives with minimal prompting

• Free of aggressive or threatening behaviors (biting, hitting, pinching, kicking, running, self-injury)

• Complete the admission process

A Closer look at Reach High