Afternoon Enrichment Classes

Spring Classes will begin Monday, January 29th!

Our classes will run from January 29th – May 3rd. Prices are for 14 weeks of classes. You may choose payment option 1 or payment option 2.

Option 1: Pay in full by January 29th.

Option 2: Pay 1st half by January 29th  and pay the 2nd half by March 19th.


All Villagers must complete a new Enrichment Registration form before Registering for Afternoon Enrichment Classes.  Click Here for an Afternoon Enrichment Registration Form

Click here for 2017 Fall Enrollment Form

Be sure to check the classes below for availability!
Elementary: Ages 7-11
Secondary: Ages 12+

Class Schedule: January 29th- May 3rd



DIY Club: All ages. ($68) The DIY (do it yourself) Club will provide Villagers with a creative, comfortable atmosphere to learn and create crafts that can be worn, useful, and decorative. Instructor: Hillary Pierce

Handbell Club: All Ages. ($60) Join the fun and play along with friends at High Point Village! Villagers in the Handbell Club will learn songs to perform at various events. Choir members are asked to be able to follow instructions, and be able to lift a bell. Instructor: Grace Gomez



Nutrition & Yoga: All ages. ($66) Villagers in this class will learn about supporting the physical and energetic body through yoga, combined with learning about eating a balanced diet that is centered on whole foods! Instructor: Mary Jameson (limit 10 students)

Cooking Club: All Ages. ($86) Villagers in this cooking class will continue to learn the following skills: kitchen safety, reading and following a recipe, measurement skills, and preparing meal recipes. Instructor: Lori Spearman (limit 10 students)



Story Book Buddies: All Age. ($60) Villagers will have a blast in this fun reading club that includes a craft related to every week’s book selection. Instructor: Betsy Tardy (limit 10 students)

Cheer and Dance Club: All Ages. ($60) Cheerleaders will learn the fundamentals of cheer and dance technique including conditioning exercises, stretching, jumps/kicks, voice projection, cheers, arm motions, sideline dances, and a full routine. Instructor: Hannah Ball


Sports & Fun Class: All ages. ($60) Villagers in this class will learn basic fitness and learn about a variety of different sports. Good sportsmanship, leadership and teamwork are a few of the positive influences of this class. Games such as Kickball, Basketball, and Soccer are among a few of the activities. Instructor: Advocates for Special Needs Athletes Club at TTUHSC

American Sign Language: All ages. ($60) This class is designed to help Villagers develop basic fingerspelling skills used in American Sign Language. No prior American Sign Language experience required. Instructor: Inga Reynolds (limit 10 students)




Art Safari: All ages. ($66) We are going to take a safari around the world! We will visit a new country each week and learn about animals native to the country. Each week we will do an art project over the animals we learn about! Instructor: Katie Wallingford

Watercolor Painting Class All ages. ($66) Villagers in this class will learn the basics of watercolor and create beautiful watercolor art pieces. Instructor: Emily Harris (limit 10 students)



Bible Adventures: All Ages. ($60) Villagers will get the chance to actively explore the Bible with engaging activities and crafts. Instructor: Lynn Miller

Drama Club: Secondary and older. ($66) Learn to read social cues, work collaboratively, have meaningful conversations and make friends. Creativity is encouraged in this class and students will be working with make-up and props. At the end of the semester students will put on a drama performance. Instructor: The Spore Family




High Point HEATWAVES Special Olympics Practice

Please call the office for more information on how to join our Special Olympics team the High Point Village Heatwaves, or click here.