Presenting the High Point Heatwaves!

Cheer on the Heatwaves this Saturday at Frenship Middle School at 10:30!



Nathaniel is all business, all the time. He is serious about basketball; you will not find Nathaniel goofing around during practice, or during the tournament.




Brian loves to play basketball, but he also loves and appreciates his coaches more than anything. Brian has been a bright spot for all of our Special Olympics volunteers.




McKenna has discovered her natural born leader skills by helping to make sure that all of her teammates know what they should be doing and when they should be doing it!



Bradley’s leadership skills have also shined as he motivates his team members to victory. He constantly keeps his teams spirit high!


Clay can make a half court shot with only one eye opened! Don’t take our word for it, Clay is a basketball wizard. Keep an eye out for #10!




Alex is a pro at the Granny Shot! Alex can also be heard cheering on the rest of her teammates throughout the whole competition. “Most Spirited” is no competition for Alex!


Thomas is the team goofball. He is a dedicated player, but he favorite part about being on the team is making his friends and teammates smile and laugh.


Beth is always willing to practice and try any new shooting pass or dribbling drill there is! She is Miss Happy Go Lucky and the Special Olympics coaches are so thankful for her.


Andrew is team Special Olympics, if there is a shirt or a hat that has “Special Olympics” on it he owns it. Andrew plays every sport he can, because he loves everything about Special Olympics.


Joel was the basketball newbie on the team. He is eager to learn the sport and practice his skills! We can’t wait to show you how far he has come during the tournament!


Jennifer uses extreme concentration in every basket, pass and dribbling drill there is. She is focused determined and ready to play Saturday!


Sarah is the dribble master! If she could dribble the basketball all day long everywhere she went, she would.


While Natalie is a vital and devoted member of the Heatwaves team. She practices her “go-team” chants and spins for her first love, cheerleading!


If anyone needs any encouragement Amy is their girl! Amy’s warm smile and bubbly attitude keeps her teammates from getting bummed out about a missed shot.


Jessie favorite part about basketball are the drills the team does to warm up. She loves dribbling and weaving through the cones!


You can catch Lacy praying before every shot she makes, it warms our heart to see her devotion to the Lord.  She makes sure God is on her side while she is playing.




Jaquessa enjoys playing basketball just as much as the rest of the team, but the best part about competing for Jaquessa is the time she gets to spend with her teammates.