Our Growth Continues

As I reflect on the activities of this past summer, our camps and social events, I think of the joy on the faces of all those who participated. Even as I see the happy faces in the pictures of this newsletter, I am filled with gratitude for all the generous donors who make it happen. You truly make it possible for High Point Village to continue the many programs we offer such as the after school program, camp, parent groups, and social events. Without your continued support, our financial challenges would be insurmountable.

I am also so appreciative of our volunteers. More than 55 individuals this summer gave their time, talent and energy to serve those who have difficulty speaking, moving and taking care of themselves. Thank you to all of you, donors and volunteers, who brought smiles, self esteem and renewed zest for life to these individuals with special needs at High Point Village.

High Point Village continues to meet the needs of those with developmental disabilities. Our after school program has nearly reached maximum capacity. Just a year ago we offered 4 classes. This fall we offer 13 classes! But that is only the beginning. This month we open the doors of Reach High, an adult enrichment program designed to help participants 18 and older, reach their full potential. The hours for Reach High are 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday. This program features vocational, educational, social and motivational activities. The days’ creative activities are intended to benefit participants by increasing their independence and improving their daily living skills. Participants will get real life job skill training. They will learn new hobbies through the photography, music and art classes. At Reach High, participants will get moving in our exercise and recreation classes. Activities also include how to cook and dance! For more information about this daytime program, call 698-0015.

More space is needed to expand our programs and service for precious people with developmental disabilities. That is why we are taking on the challenge of building the new enrichment center. Once funding is secured, we will begin construction on the 21,947 square foot facility that will serve youth and adults with Down Syndrome, autism and other developmental challenges. The center of the building will be a multi-purpose room which not only will be home to our social events, classes and programs, but can also serve as an area where Special Olympics can host basketball and volleyball games and practices.

The enrichment center is for the people being served versus the people serving. Therefore, only 4% of the building is for administration. The other 96% of space will be used by High Point Village participants. They are the reason we build.

We need people to invest in this project. If you choose to invest, you will not be just building a building, you will be investing in the lives of people who through no fault of their own, were born with challenges that we cannot imagine. You can make a real difference! Every penny invested will stay in Lubbock. You will see the results of your giving by watching the building grow through each phase of construction. And when the doors are opened, you will see in person the results of your investment when you see the smiles on the faces of people being served. Please help us in this endeavor. Naming rights are available too. For more information on how you can be part of this worthwhile project, please give me a call. I will tell you how you can improve the lives of others.