How the Mayor Came to Know High Point Village

This unique friendship started with a Facebook message. Bradley Miller reached out to Mayor Glen Robertson asking him to come to our Storybook Gala back in November. If you know Bradley, you know he is nothing if not persistent. So when Glenn Robertson didn’t immediately respond Bradley didn’t get his feelings hurt; he just sent him another message. Much to Bradley’s delight, Glenn Robertson eventually responded with his office phone number letting Bradley know he could set up an appointment to speak with him.


Bradley’s dad, Kerry, made the initial call to the mayor, giving him a little insight into Bradley’s life and who Bradley is today. After speaking with Kerry, Glen Robertson came to our Storybook Gala as one of The Miller’s guests. The Gala was the first opportunity for Bradley and Glen to meet. As you can imagine, Bradley was bursting with excitement at the thought of the Lubbock City Mayor being his guest of honor!


This was the first step in a beautiful friendship. That night Glen Robertson bought not just one of Bradley’s paintings, but three paintings! He also extended an invitation to Bradley to come visit him at his office!


Since then, Glen Robertson has invited Bradley to address the attendees at the 50th State of the City Address and again at the March City Council Meeting. Bradley and Glen share funny pictures and text messages regularly, and the mayor even has Bradley’s paintings hanging in his house.


Bradley saw that Glen Robertson had a new bus, and he wanted to go for a ride. Bradley texted his good friend, Glen Robertson and asked him to come to lunch, with his van. Bradley was able to show him around our new building and introduce him to all of his fellow Reach High Villagers.


It has been so sweet to watch this friendship unfold. Mayor Glen Robertson is not only a friend to Bradley but to High Point Village.