High Point Villagers Experience Learning and Fun!

Covenant Trauma Services
Dr. Rosen and staff from Covenant Trauma, UMC, and AeroCare visited High Point Village in mid October. Our Students learned the importance of safety and the techniques used to prevent injury and germs. A tour of UMC’s ambulance and AeroCare’s junior helicopter was held as well.

Lady Raiders Visit
lady-raidersThe Lady Raider basketball team made a special appearance at High Point Village to show students practice drills and shooting techniques. The team took time out of their day to visit with our students and sign autographs!

Celebrating Freedom
freedomCelebrating Freedom was a special flag ceremony held on September 11 to recognize the men and women who have fought and continue to fight for our freedom. A handmade American Flag mosaic was given to State Representative Charles Perry by our Reach High Students. This event also marked the placing of permanent stage flags at High Point Village. A special thanks to Charles Perry, US War Veteran, and Lubbock First Responders for being a part of this special event.

After-School Classes
12 classes are currently being held in rooms throughout High Point Village with over 50 students in attendance. Classes being of- fered include arts and crafts, music, science explorers, social skills, drama, recreational sports, zumba, cooking, reading club, elemen- tary social skills, and elementary recreational sports.

Monster Mash
monster-mashOver 125 parents, volunteers, and participants attended High Point Vil- lage’s Halloween Party, Monster Mash! The activities room was filled with people wear- ing their favorite Halloween attire. There were many themed desserts and music that everybody enjoyed!