High Point Villagers creating and contributing through Art

High Point Villagers love to do art! They love that they are creating something, contributing to High Point Village, and expressing themselves in a unique way.

High Point Village exists to enrich the lives of individuals with special needs.

Our Villagers are currently making wire crosses by hand, items in our signature Jar Bar, and wall art on canvases. We are dreamers and have many hopes and plans for ways our Villagers can contribute to the community while doing something they love to do. Art encourages them to build, design, and take part in the mission of High Point Village. Not only do they love it, not only does it give them a way to express themselves in a way that is not normally possible, but they are so proud of the work they do. You can see Jaquessa in the picture below beaming next to her blue ribbon at our Art Show last fall.


Our mission is to create a Village where individuals with intellectual disabilities can live, learn, work, worship, and achieve their full potential. When they are making a project they are able to learn the skills necessary for the project, they are working to complete the task, and we are encouraging to them to achieve this goal.


If you every wanted to contribute to High Point Village in a small way take a look at our wish list below for our Art Classroom. Almost all of the items can be second hand because our Villagers will be recreating the piece into something new.

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