Destined To Soar

destined to soarHigh Point Village Proudly Announces the Completion of our book!

In January 2012, a group of dedicated volunteers were invited to create an unique opportunity for eleven of our villagers. The volunteers were given the charge to assist the villagers in sharing their individual story and for all the stories to be put in print. Thus, the journey between the villagers (authors) and the volunteers (coauthors) began. The stories of love and inspiration will tell the readers about the extraordinary journey of each villager. The chapters will share the importance of the villagers’ families, faith, joys, and trials.

High Point Village would like to thank the coauthors for their dedication, education, awareness, and their willingness to assist in this adventure for our villagers.

Alex Briesh, Amy Wilson, Andrew Freema,n Athos Colon, Eric Lowe, Erin Roberson, Jennifer Salley, Lisa Springer, Melissa Aldridge, Riane Deaton, Tiffany Kelley

Bill Caldwell, Cathy Ehrenfeld, Hillary Pierce, Judy Gulick, Juli Springer, Katie Pierce, Kayla Burgoon, Mary Ann Gordon, Myrna Grimson

Destined To Soar is available for purchase at the office of High Point Village for $9.97 or through our website,, plus shipping. A book signing will be held at the annual fundraiser, “Upon a Dream.”