At High Point Village, our volunteers and friends come from every background and walk of life imaginable. For some, their love of our participants is through their experience with a Special family member. Others have developed a love for our unique Villagers due to their involvement with individuals with special needs through professional experiences. Yet some of our most special volunteers have simply developed a special place in their hearts out of a love for being a part of the lives of our Villagers.

Melynn Freeman-Henry is one such volunteer. Melynn is a third grade teacher who comes to High Point Village from Amarillo, Texas. She began her involvement with our Villagers during the High Point Village Summer Adventure Camp 2014: Back to Nature. After hearing about our need for volunteers, she immediately asked to become a part of the camp. For three weeks this summer, Melynn made High Point Village more special than it’s ever been before. From becoming a Camp team leader, to making quick friendships with everyone here, and even just bringing joy and laughter to every Villager, Melynn exemplified what it means to truly be a dedicated volunteer from the start. Among the various ways she touched the lives of everyone at High Point Village, her team of campers will forever remember her as their caring and driven team captain who led them to victory in their pursuit of the coveted camp trophy; The Golden Plunger. The time that Melynn shared with High Point Village this summer is surely something that many of us will remember forever and cherish.

Melynn is a graduate of Tascosa High School in Amarillo, Texas, and also from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, where she studied Education. For six years, Melynn taught kindergarten at Avondale Elementary School in Amarillo. Melynn has also traveled abroad and taught primary school in London, UK for an entire year. Among her other experience, she has spent five years in Baltimore, Maryland working as a campus minister at Johns Hopkins University with the Reformed University Fellowship, a ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America. For the last three has been teaching third grade at Coronado Elementary School in Amarillo.

Melynn describes herself as a huge college football fan with the Texas Tech Red Raiders and Texas A&M Aggies at the top of her list. In her free time she also enjoys cooking, baking, trying new things, and traveling. She has traveled to many places on the East Coast of the United States, London, and Barcelona, other parts of Spain, France, Iceland, and Turkey. Melynn is also a very regular volunteer with her church in Amarillo.
Melynn told us the story of what inspires her passion for being involved in the lives of our Villagers. From the time that she was three years old, Melynn has had a lifelong friendship with her childhood neighbor, Carey, who just happened to have Down syndrome. Throughout their childhood and adolescence, their relationship has grown from being friends, to best friends, to as Melynn now describes Carey as her sister.
Melynn says she and Carey were inseparable through their school years, and even after Melynn’s graduation from Texas A&M University, the two moved in together and lived as roommates upon her move back home to Amarillo. Melynn and Carey continue to share their very special friendship to this day in spite or Carey’s untimely passing not long ago. The rare and special love and friendship shared between them is clearly evident when Melynn speaks of her sister Carey.

Of her experience with High Point Village, she had to say,
“High Point Village is a place where People are shown their true Worth and Value. It’s a place of Inclusion.”
On Behalf of the Villagers, Staff, Families, Friends, and Board of Directors at High Point Village, we would like to give our deepest gratitude to Melynn Freeman-Henry for her service. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.