Volunteer Spotlight


High Point Village relies heavily on volunteers every day. They are such a vital part of our success and make High Point Village the fun, welcoming place we all know and love. We are so appreciative to have such a great family of dedicated and caring volunteers that share their numerous talents and expertise with our unique participants. One such volunteer who is making a real difference is Kaye Griffis, who has been a volunteer at High Point Village one and a half years. Every week, Kaye volunteers her time in three separate Afternoon Enrichment classes including Cooking, High Point Connection, and Reading Club.  Outside of her time as a volunteer at High Point Village, Kaye has worked in pharmacy and a doctor’s office and is now a speech therapist for Shallowater, New Deal, and Lubbock Independent School Districts. Kaye is originally from Borger, Texas and graduated from Spearman High School in 1971. She then went on to graduate from West Texas A&M University with a degree in Speech and Language Studies. Kaye is also the mother of two children. She has a son, Brad, who is 27 and a daughter Ashley, who is 23. On occasion Ashley has accompanied Kaye to High Point Village.

Of her experiences in volunteering at High Point Village, Kaye says that her favorite part is getting to see all of the students and everyone here. This happens to be Kaye’s first place to ever volunteer.


“Volunteers work really hard. Volunteering here really makes me appreciate the volunteers at my school.”

High Point Village is proud to recognize Kaye Griffis in our Volunteer Spotlight. It is because of the hard work and dedication of our committed volunteers like Kaye that High Point Village is the amazing place it continues to be.